About Me

Hi I'm Belle, 

My passions are dancing, modelling and performing arts. I've always loved fashion and being in front of the camera.

 I want to motivate people to be comfortable in their own skin, be self-confident and know that they are enough. 

 I'm an outgoing, positive person and have always found joy in helping others. I am a driven and dedicated performer.
My ideal job would be to work in the performing arts industry or become a sports journalist,

I am a very sporty person and enjoy being active all the time. I have represented the Whitsundays in Regional Cross-Country numerous times and usually compete in the local runs and triathlons. 

I am an Eco -Friendly person and a Reef Guardian Ambassador.
 I was School Captain for 2018 and do whatever I can to contribute to my community. 

I perform as part of my dance school for local community events both in groups and solo's along with performing in school musicals.