Australian Dance Vision Transition Classical Exam

On the 24th of August 2019 I was assessed on my Australian Dance Vision Transition Classical Exam. I was awarded honours which is a score from 81-91 out of 100. I was graded on a variety of 33 exercises and dances. Here are all my individual results down below:

Performance Entrance: Excellent

Execute Barre Work

Plies: Excellent
Battement Tendus: Very Good
Battement Tendu Jetes: Good
Pas Soutenus: Very Good
Ronds de Jambe a Terre: Very Good
Battements Fondu at 45': Good
Battements Frappe: Good
Petit Battements Sur le Cou de Pied: Excellent
Ronds de Jambe En Lair': Good
Developpes en Croix: Good
Demi Grand Ronds de Jambe: Good
Grand Battements: Very Good
Grand Battements en Cloche: Good

Execute Demi Pointe

Echappes Releves: Excellent
Temps Lie & Pose en Avant: Excellent

Execute Stretching & Plies

Cobra Stretch: Excellent

Perform Port De Bras

Port De Bras: Good

Execute Centre Practice

Grand Battements: Very Good
Demi pointe Enchainment: Good
Temps Lie: Very Good

Perform Adage & Pirouettes

Adage: Good
Pirouettes in the Centre: Very Good
Pirouettes en Dedans: Very Good
Pose Pirouettes & Couru: Excellent

Perform Allegro

Warm Up: Excellent
Jetes Dessous: Good
Assembles en Avant: Very Good
Assembles & Pas de Chat: Good

Execute Batterie Exercise

Exercise for Entrechat Quatre: Good

Perform Short Dance Sequence

Grand Allegro Enchainment: Good

Perform Dance Steps

Minuet Enchainment with Fan: Very Good

Perform Set Lyrical Dance
Lovely performance quality. Watch your arm lines aren't too high. Remember to fully stretch your legs and feet.

Overall Comment
Thank you for a well presented assessment today. You knew your work with confidence and consideration. Keep working hard on your alignment. Be very careful of your hip control - in particular pushing it down in the socket. Your technical foundations are strong - now keep working for clarity and finesse in your centre work. Thank you for dancing for me today.

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