Australian Dance Vision Level Four Classical Exam

On the 8th of September 2018 I was assessed on the Australian Dance Vision Level Four Classical Exam. This was something really new for me as it was my first year of ballet and classical training. I was judged over a period of 36 exercises and dances both barre work and in the centre. I was awarded honours which is a score from 80-90 out of 100. Here are my scores for each individual exercise\dance:

E=Excellent    VG= Very Good    G=Good     S=Satisfactory     FPR=Further Practice Required

Perform Entrance= E

Execute Barre Work
Battements Tendu=VG
Battements Tendu Jete= G
Ronds de Jambe par Terre=VG
Battements Fondu=VG
Battements Frappe=G
Petits Battements=VG
Grand Battements=VG
Releves Devant & Derriere=VG
Exercise for Poses=VG
Exercise for Couru=G

Execute Stretching & Pilates
With Plie & upper back stretch=VG

Perform Port de Bras

Port de Bras=E

Execute Centre Practice
Battements Tendu and Grand Battements=VG
Temps Lie with Chasses & Rotation=G

Demonstrate Adage & Pirouette
Pose Pirouettes en diagonal=G

Perform Allegro
Warm up Allegro=G
Pas de Bourrees=VG
Sissonne Ordinaires=G
Pas de Chat=G
Glissades & Assembles Dessus (over)=G
Exercise for Sissonnes= VG
Preparation for Grand Jete=VG
Balance de Cote & Coupe Chasse pas de Bourrees=G

Also Musical rhythms, own choreography solo and solo dance.

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